Our Services

At DCSS, we can aid clients plan for, implement, and achieve the right IT services to advance the way in which business is done. From Remote Infrastructure Management services to Data center hosting, we take the complication out of choosing and managing the right IT solutions to fit your budget. In rendering our premium Managed IT Services, DCSS works with both IT Managers and clients that do not have an internal IT section. Our emphasis is on making sure that our clients Managed IT Services supports the goals of the business, and accomplishes the required flexibility and performance levels. Our clients operate in a range of markets including professional services, finance, government, media and communications, retail, real estate, pharmaceutical, engineering and automotive. Our key Managed IT Services offerings include:

  • Asset Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Data center hosting
  • Data center
  • Disaster Recovery Exercise
  • Hardware Disposal and Degaussing Services
  • Operational IT services
  • Remote infrastructure Management services